Telugu, the Language of 74 Million Plus One (That is You!)

Presenter: Malathi Nidadavolu
Featured Language: Telugu
Department/Program: Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia
Location: MU – Capital View (4th Floor Central Core)
Time:  11:40am-12:20pm
Session Status: OPEN

Session Description: The Telugu language, known for its musical quality, is the official state language of Andhra Pradesh and is the third most spoken language in India. In this 40-minute session, you will be introduced to the language by meeting students of Telugu, writing your name, playing a game, singing a song, and/or sharing a story. Through this session, you will learn a beautiful language along with gaining a bird's eye view of Telugu speakers' rich traditions, festivals, and celebrations. The Telugu community in America is over one-quarter million strong, employed mostly in the areas of IT industry, medicine, and engineering. You are invited to be a par t of that global community.

Presenter Biography:Malathi Nidadavolu taught Telugu at the UW for over 13 years and, after a long break, returned to teach again in 2005. Malathi has a master's degree in English Language and Literature and in Library and Information Sciences. She is also a well-known writer in her native country. After arriving in the states in 1973, she started translating and writing original stories in English, as well. Since 2001, she has been running a web site, where she publishes eminent Telugu fiction in English.

Her publications include: An anthology of her stories in Telugu; "A Spectrum of My People," an anthology of her translations of Telugu stories; "Quiet and Quaint: Telugu Women's Writing, 1950-1975 (A Critical Study)"; and "From my Front Porch: An anthology of Telugu stories in English."

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