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Language Majors

For more specific information on the individual language requirements for each major, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog (linked here) and the department advisor.

Language Majors
Related Majors With a Language Requirement
Certificates With a Language Component

Language Majors

Please note that some language majors can be earned either through the College of Letters and Science (LS) or the School of Education (ED), depending on a student's intended career path. Majors listed without a designation in parentheses are in the College of Letters and Science.

* Not accepting applications at this time.

Related Majors with a Language Requirement

Certificates with a Language Component

Languages can be part of a certificate in a variety of ways. They may be prerequisites, they may fulfill requirements, or they might be encouraged but not mandatory. Click on the links for details on the various certificates.

For updates or corrections, please contact Michael Kruse (

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Upcoming Events

Brownbag: Language Learning in ConTEXT
12:00 pm, Thursday, March 27
1418 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive

The fourth brownbag discussion in the series Language Learning in ConTEXT. Presentations by David Danaher, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature; and Will Brockliss, Department of Classics. Learn more >

Invited lecture: Content Based Instruction in Foreign Language Education

Michael Byram, University of Durham
4:00 pm, Thursday, April 17
Wisconsin Idea Room: 159 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Hall
Learn more>


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